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The Olsen Gang: Operation Egon

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The Olsen Gang: Operation Egon

19691 h 22 min

The prison has always been a good breeding ground for the perfect crime. The inmates learn from one another. This is also the case with Egon Olsen, leader of the Olsen Gang. While he was in the slammer, he planned how he would steal the fantastic golden figure Keizeroppzatsen (worth 12 million) which was previously owned by the German emperor, and is now on display in Oslo. The exhibition is heavily guarded with security systems, cameras and Inspector Hermansen. Yet somehow the Olsen-Gang manages to steal the figure, but Hermansen is on their trail.

Original Title Olsenbanden: Operasjon Egon
Director Knut Bohwim
Runtime 1 h 22 min
Release Date 8 October 1969
Original Music Composer
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